Tuesday, 5 July 2011

"Allen Bridge" blog #21...

I've reached the end of Act III - to Draft 1.1 standard - and the page count is 115. I've still got to go back over this final Act in order to tidy it up a bit (our old friend Draft 1.2 standard), but today I reached the end of the script - there are no more empty white pages of nothingness stretching out before me, only established sheets of text that just require tweaking, trimming, polishing, and perhaps even expanding in certain instances.

Today I was working Ryman (and indeed, to an extent, Mark) into the denouement - a sequence that I'll no doubt be going over and over again a few times in itself - due to the 'layered' approach to constructing it specifically. Furthermore I got to write the 'coda' - a montage that features a series of shots that tie-up a couple of loose ends, and bring the entire screenplay to a chilling close.

It's been a year since I originally began tacking together some ideas that grew to become Allen Bridge, and now that I have a complete version of the script, it's interesting to look back to when I starting the writing process proper, in my free time, nearly three months ago.

Allen Bridge blog #01 (preparing to write)
Allen Bridge blog #02 (writing begins)

Naturally I shall continue to post about the writing process as it continues, now that we've moved onto the re-writing stage - my preferred stage of the writing process itself.

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