Wednesday 16 November 2011

So now what?

With copies of the script and copies of treatments sent off to production companies for "Allen Bridge", I figured it was about time to head back to "Summer Road".

I learned a lot from writing Summer Road (both in terms of the actual process of writing, but also from the feedback I received from the BBC Writersroom) and then of course writing Allen Bridge (as detailed in 30 blog posts) was a great writing experience from which I was able to not only learn an awful lot more - but apply what I'd already learned from past experiences.

So, having found new avenues to submit scripts to, I'm going to head back to this comedy/drama script and do a full-on re-write. I'm still proud of the script, but having learned so much since, I can see a whole array of opportunities to improve upon it - and hopefully, being that so much of the work is done (i.e. adapting an existing script, not starting from the very beginning again) it won't take too long to complete this revamping project.


On the side I've also got numerous ideas flooding in for an as-yet-untitled drama/horror script that I have in mind - I'd really like to write something that comes in at a tight 90 pages, and return to the horror genre (the BBC Writersroom don't accept horror scripts, but some of the new companies accepting scripts that I've found do accept genre fare) ... so that's what I have in mind for after the Summer Road re-write.

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