Thursday 22 December 2011

Prometheus - the teaser trailer is finally here!

Ridley Scott made a legendary name for himself with not one - but two - of the greatest and most respected science fiction movies ever made. In 1979 he gave us Alien, and then in 1982 we were gifted with Blade Runner (which was finally - seemingly at least - completed to his full satisfaction in 2007's "Final Cut").

Since then he's gone on to forge an impressive career to say the least - he's even now Sir Ridley Scott (and rightly so) - however he hasn't returned to the sci-fi world ... until now that is. I've felt that his directorial efforts in recent years have been lacking that something special. After a great double-whammy at the beginning of the millennium (with Gladiator and then Black Hawk Down), his output - to me at least - felt a bit lacking. Matchstick Men was decent, but not very memorable, Kingdom of Heaven and Robin Hood were of no interest to me personally, and American Gangster (very proficient as it was) just felt like any one of a large number of 'rise and fall of a criminal empire' movies that have come out in the last 20 to 30 years.

Now though we have Prometheus to look forward to in 2012. At first it was an Alien prequel (an exciting prospect on its own), but then the secretive project morphed into something else - something within the same universe, but something seemingly altogether different. For months, fanboys and fangirls have been giddy with excitement, and this newly released trailer (which was preceded by a three-day-long series of teasers) has certainly got me hot under the nerd collar.

They have themselves a tip-top cast, an incredible looking production, and seemingly a newly invigorated Sir Ridley Scott at the helm of the whole thing - indeed as the teaser-trailer teasers suggested, this is the happiest he's been behind the camera for a while now - and I for one can sense that already.

What's more we're apparently going to have a Blade Runner sequel to look forward to sometime in the future, also from Scott.

Anyway - enjoy the trailer and ride the fangasm!

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