Sunday, 20 April 2008

Thumb twiddling...

Well that's BioShock completed, I've spent the last 3 weeks or so, on-and-off, playing it and it was a rather spiffing game - even if the several uses of 'gather a bunch of whatever so you can proceed to the next level' got a bit lame - but otherwise, an excellent game.

However, said completion leaves a gaming dilemma - GTA IV is still 9 days away from release. It might be sooner or (hopefully not anyway) later before I get to play it (depending on dispatch dates as I ordered online) ... so I've got a bit of a gap there.

However again, I've got some editing to get further stuck into, as Joe and I have started on one of our two projects this summer. One is an educational DVD, the other (the one I'm currently on about) is a campaign film for the local area regarding speeding, so I've got a bit of editing to do there right now in the prep stage of the project...

Anyway, there's a new Underground Slacker blogcast out, go and wrap your lug'oles around that why don'tcha.

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