Friday, 25 April 2008

Waiting for GTA IV & other stories...

Aye, it's a mind-numbing thing waiting for the gaming event of the year to land on your door mat, however it's on its way ... ahhhh the impending awesomeness ...

Otherwise, the first of the new projects for the summer is upon me - a campaign film regarding the ludicrous speed that some absolute chumps insist on driving on a particular stretch of road. I'm shooting & editing it and work has already begun, with a day of filming 'on location', if you will, on Tuesday.

It'll probably be somewhere around 10 minutes, and feature a mix of interviews, stock footage, shot footage, stats and so on regarding the issue. It's also a timely film, considering a recent case here in the UK where some rich kid from some wealthy family, was driving a beastly Range Rover 4x4 through a 30mph zone at 75mph. The complete bastard hit some poor wee girl who is now brain damaged for and on a ventilator for life. If that wasn't bad enough, he was clocked at 95mph on the motorway (which is 70mph limited by law) 2 months later while the case was pending.

Clearly that scumbag has no remorse or consideration for other people, I mean I can't even comprehend how he managed to do 75 in a 30, most 30 roads are impossible for such speed in theory, especially considering the bulk of the 4x4 that absolute piece of shit was driving.

Here's the kicker - he only got 21 months. Miscarriage of justice doesn't cover the half of it, meanwhile that poor girl has a life sentence and her life has been destroyed, as well as the lives of those around her being forever changed for the worse.

It might sound bad, but in a way the poor kid would have been better off dead, but it's such an impossibly hard situation to even think about let alone live through, so ... well ... all I know is, if I was in that position (the victim I mean) I'd rather be at peace. I still can't get my head around that lunatic in the car though, what an absolute freak.

Anyway, getting off on a tangent here, it's all gotten a bit dark and oddly placed considering the start of the post (however GTA is fiction, this case in the UK is a tragic reality).

Right, back on track, my point being is that this campaign film regarding speeding on the road in question, is very timely. The purpose of the film obviously, is to try and get the council to put measures in place to stop certain idiots from doing preposterously over-the-limit speeds on that stretch.

So aye, that project is underway now ... oh, and I'll hopefully be roping Ben in for an afternoon to get a new DeadShed short film shot. What film is it? A semi-sequel, semi-remake of VHS so it is, currently titled VHS-2: Long Play ... although it'll end up as Long Play in the end, as I'm aiming to have it be capable of standing on its own. So hopefully I can get that going as well, it's been a very long time since the last DeadShed short - I Am Zombie Man 2 - so it'd be great to get a new one under my belt so I can have something that represents where I'm at now.

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