Saturday, 11 August 2007

First I was blogged on, now I've been IMDb'd!!

Many thanks to Gary Ugarek (star/writer & director of Deadlands: The Rising) for putting IAZM up for getting an IMDb page, so yes indeed, Zombie Man has now extended yet further into the world of t'internet.


In other news, I finally started writing a new script today. I originally had the idea a year ago, and quickly got down to jotting down notes and mapping out ideas as well as charting the entire narrative in a basic form. Then, inevitably, I got distracted by other various things...the first IAZM, then Christmas and IAZM2, then working on "Contempt of Conscience", then working with the Rural Media Company on "Show and Tell" and then brainstorming/scripting IAZM3 ... but now, with a bit of free time in between projects, I decided to head back to those notes from a year ago and today I finally started scripting it. The original working title was "Holiday", but that was a really sucky title, so the new working title is "Generation Procrastination"...bit of a mouthful, but it's a better working title at least. The first scene of the first sequence is pretty much done, not necessarily that much written, but it's always hard to start writing something new, it always used to happen to me when writing essays at Uni...but once you get into the swing of things it's all cool.

The idea behind this new script? Basically to have something that I could conceivably actually film with a group of dedicated people with proper funding and support once I've gathered enough contacts, so I figured it's best to try and have a script done by then, rather than still be sitting with the idea for the script.

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daaaaamn, you dun been takin' over!