Saturday 16 May 2009

Another script update...

Well, act two is now done - so I'm onto act three, which has gotten off to a good start.

Although, throughout the writing of this script, I've found myself struggling to pick up a continual pace ... not sure why, it's odd really as this script is far shorter than my previous one (for zombie epic The End).

Anyway, hopefully I'll have a creative spurt and I'll pimp out the rest of the script easily, but yeah ... I've been weirdly struggling in creative terms when it comes to writing this script. Regardless, the important thing is to make it a good script, and hopefully it is a good script - I think so anyway - I know, not a large audience - lulzorz - but my point being, if I thought it was shit, I wouldn't be spending time on it.

Well there we are, a little update - fingers crossed for a creative stint, eh?


Also, this is post #298 - I'm thinking of doing, for #300 (and a few after that), a little run down of my Top Films of All Time. I recently sat down and really had a think about it, but I could never quite get it into a proper numbered list - instead I got a list of five 10-spots, with a bonus "honourable mentions" list of another 10 ... but the lists of 10 are at least organised in order, but within each 10-spot there's not much order of preference - with so many favourite movies in mind, it was hard enough to just get what I did manage.

So aye - I think I'll do a series of posts listing those titles (one post per 10-spot), and I'll write a little bit about each one and why it's so revered by me.

Alright, enough talk...more editing to do.

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