Sunday 24 January 2010

The next script...

I think I mentioned a few posts back that I was already thinking about my next script, and that I was very excited about the idea at the heart of it. It'll be another comedy script - now that I'm really quite into the comedic mindset after a few months re-drafting "Zero" recently - and while that script involves a group of five university graduates in their early twenties, this next script will centre mainly on one protagonist who is 19 and has just completed their first year at university. That's not the topic, but it's the setting (of sorts) ... perhaps I'm being a bit cryptic, but I'm still figuring out what this new script is going to be all about.

Indeed, I've been gathering some research related to the central theme - that of 21st century manhood - via questionnaires, and I've just finished going through a crop of them today, which revealed some interesting opinions and ideas regarding the topic.

Needless to say my mind is filling with various ideas regarding this new script - which will also take in an idea I had years ago (from the summer of 2003 in fact), but never got around to - and I'm beginning to clear away the fog to find pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that is the structure, flow, and content of the script itself.

In fact, doing this research into the central theme has been fascinating. It has helped draw attention to things going on in my own life, and things that have happened or changed in recent years, and I am beginning to see myself in the centre of the script's theme - which is of course really necessary to understand what you're writing about. After all, they do say "write what you know", and I've been thinking about modern manhood for a number of years now - taking in little snippets here and there over the years that all ring a bell with a common theme, and now here I am bringing this (and much more) all together.

Like I said - fascinating stuff - I can see that this script will develop my own outlook on life further, something which has been changing and developing for a number of years now, and something which I have been noticing more and more in the last couple of years.

So finally I'd like to say cheers to those who helped me out by responding to the rough little questionnaire I put together. Your answers have really helped flesh out, solidify and expand my thinking on the subject of modern manhood - indeed, some of the answers have been openly honest and very inciteful - so thank you folks for your time and effort.

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