Saturday 23 January 2010

The Video Dead...

I've had this hanging around for a while, and finally got around to checking it out. I wasn't expecting anything good, and I certainly didn't get anything good. It's pish.

I should have written a "bitch list" during it, which would have passed the time more easily and been good for this - my 444th blogpost. Rest assured though it's utter nonsense - one thing that would have definitely gone on a bitch list about it would have been the silly, long and entirely unnecessary scene between the Texan dude and the young guy where they establish how they should start addressing each other from now on ... ugh ... I wanted to bang my head against the shitting desk at that point.

Pretty much every facet of filmmaking on display is executed poorly, and it's just downright cheap in a bad way. The only good thing is the zombie make-up, but even then the zombies are so strange and inconsistent that it's all just pointless.

In fact, it's so naff (just bad, not 'so bad it's good') I'm going to stop moaning about it!

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