Friday 19 February 2010

More updates (post #456)...

The Inevitable Decomposition of Zombie Man is still on the cards, no worries there, there's just been a slight delay on the music front due to "snowmageddon" happening State-side. Never fear though, the score is over half done (and sounding great), so I'd imagine by the end of the month the third and final Zombie Man flick will be online.

It's been two years behind schedule ... so you can wait another two weeks (I'd reckon), right? heh...


I've been having a right old creative flow of late concerning my next feature length comedy script ... well, comedy drama I guess ... I've been bashing out an Act-by-Act, 'chunk-by-chunk' bullet-point-tastic layout of the entire script (which is quite helpful for providing an overview of the entire plot before you've even written "FADE IN" ... or "CUT IN" as I often prefer).

It's starting to come together now gradually, and I hope to have the whole thing laid out by the end of the month so that I can get started writing it in March. I know I'd intended to get writing this month, but I've ended up doing more prep work on it ahead of time instead. I guess as I did so many drafts of "Zero" (five in all), I want to try and cut that down to three ideally - ergo planning it all out up-front.

Excited? Most definitely, especially as I was figuring out quite nicely today how to show two characters together 'on screen' as much as possible, when in the plot's 'present day' itself they're barely in the same space as one another ... if that makes sense.

Anyway, right now it's about figuring out the characters. Who they are, what they're like, how they all connect, and the one thing I hate doing every time - figuring out their names.

I'm terrible at remembering names in real life, so for some reason I find picking names for characters akin to banging my head against a wall.

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