Wednesday 3 February 2010

The new script's thought process...

As I've mentioned before, I'm currently working on ideas for a new script.

Since then I've been bashing out some more ideas, and I'm starting to get to grips with the structure of the whole shebang. I'm beginning to find the main topics to base the plot around, and some vivid ideas of how certain scenes will play out are beginning to come to me (usually, as is frequently the case anyway, just as I'm trying to go to sleep).

Indeed, I find my that my mind is truly freed up and relaxed late at night, when it's the most honest and receptive to thoughtful and emotional topics, which is ideal for getting some good ideas down for a script. It's not so useful when you're trying to get to sleep (which I find quite hard to do in general), but if a good idea strikes, it must be written down or remembered (depending on how close to dozing off I am) - sometimes I can retain the idea until morning, but most of the time I reluctantly drag my arse out of bed and scrawl a note on a scrap of paper to myself - my eyes bleary with drowsiness and blown out with sudden lamp light - for which I'm grateful when I next come to assess my scribbled-down notes.

As if often the case, and advice, I'll be getting personal with this script (as I'd done with "Zero") - but this time it's in a more thoughtful manner, rather than the lighter, comedic tones of beforehand. That said, it's still going to be a comedy, but it's going to be a script in which I really have something to say, and it's something that I'm feeling more and more connected to as each day passes, and as I think about the content more and more.

Indeed, a couple of recent movie viewings have inspired this thoughtful mindset - both of them set post-apocalypse - The Book of Eli, in part, and for the most part The Road (which I saw on Sunday ... thoughts on that coming soon) - and I guess being that it's that early time of year once again when all is quite visually dull, and mentally reflective, it's only fitting that I find myself once again thrusting my headspace into the writing process ... only this time I'm coming back up with something deeper, which I'm finding to be fascinating.


More semi-cryptic ruminations on this developing script as-and-when.

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