Saturday 16 October 2010

Some new videos coming soon...

I got my editing rig back from the menders a few days ago, so I can finally catch up with a few videos I've been meaning to cut together since I got back from Edinburgh. The first one (which I completed yesterday) is a compilation of footage from the Bewdley performance of Sabrina and the Engineer (see more about it here). It was split into two performances, this one in Bewdley, and another a week later in Bridgnorth - but I don't have the tapes for the latter yet (but when I do I'll cut together a video from that one too).

I'll also be cutting together a couple of musical montages (like the aforementioned video) for some footage I got using my Kodak Zi8 when I was on holiday in Scotland (kind of like my Snow 2010 video currently on my YouTube channel). There'll be one video for the seaside town of North Berwick, and one for the city of Edinburgh.

It feels good to be doing some editing again. I think I'd fallen into a bit of a creative rut, so hopefully cutting these videos together will give me a boost in that department and then I can get back into Allen Bridge.

In the mean time, I should be uploading the Sabrina and the Engineer video soon - and I'll post about it here.

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