Friday 15 April 2011

"Allen Bridge" blog #03...

The writing is starting to flow a bit easier now, and another 'chunk' is done to Draft 1.1 standard - speaking of 'chunks' - Act I contains 6, Act II contains 9, and Act III contains 4 ... so that's 19 chunks in total ... 2 down, 17 to go, before Draft 1.1 is done.

This recent chunk of writing has introduced several more characters (both subtly and up front), a new location used throughout the script, and has allowed me to get into a nice bit of back-and-forth dialogue between the two main characters.

Furthermore, each time I go back I tend to fiddle here-and-there throughout what I've so far written - placing little pieces of action or dialogue that relates to something further down the line ... like adding some decoration to the basic structure of the house that you're building ... ... but rather than force this metaphor anymore, I'll leave it there with the news that I'm beginning to ease back into the writing process. Like I've said previously, that initial start to writing is a bit of a bitch - but once you get over that sense of trepidation, it quickly starts coming together.

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