Tuesday, 26 April 2011

"Allen Bridge" blog #07...

The re-drafting of Act I continues apace - so far 6 pages worth of whittling down has been achieved, but there's still 8 more to eek out. Challenge accepted.

In a totally different direction, but one that is fairly common for me in the midst of working on a project, my mind got all hot and bothered deep into last night for another script idea I had sometime last year, which I'll refer to as "Dug Deep". I recall when I was putting the finishing touches to the last draft of Summer Road, before sending it off to the BBC Writersroom, my mind suddenly exploded with a fresh new idea for a script - and that idea is what I'm currently in the midst of writing right now.

So a bit of discipline is required at times like these to not just ditch whatever you're working on to pursue some new fresh idea as the ideas come rolling in - but at the same time, when an idea springs to mind, you've got to jot it down lest you forget it. Then you can come to it down the road when you're finished with whatever you were doing at the time. If you don't do that, you'll never see any great idea, that has inspired fevered note-making and brainstorming sessions in you, come to fruition.

Back to "Allen Bridge" though - the re-drafting is coming along nicely. I'm on (re-drafted) page 19 of 38 now ... so here's hoping I can manage to whittle down 8 more pages worth of extraneous fat.

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