Wednesday, 4 May 2011

"Allen Bridge" blog #09...

Act II is underway and the current page count is 43. It was initially slow going, getting back into writing for the first time, rather than re-drafting existing stuff, but I quickly got going and soon found that the time re-drafting Act I really did help. Particularly in terms of focusing myself on making each scene important, and to end them on a useful piece of information, or a look that may or may not mean something - for example - to keep you moving onto the next scene. That'll be a key thing for me to refine when I come around to Draft 2.1 later on.

I'm now moving into some more of the meat of the backstory to some of the characters - particularly what a woman called Jeanie and a teenager called Stephanie have in common, and how it pertains to what Ryman seeks to figure out. Also the main character, Miller, finds himself slowly tumbling further, ever willing, into the rabbit hole after he witnesses the aftermath of a car crash which closed Act I.

I'm being careful not to give anything away, but I figured it was about time I dropped a few teeny bits of info.

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