Wednesday 11 May 2011

"Allen Bridge" blog #13...

Another very fruitful session today - 13 pages - bringing the page count to 79.

Today was a big scene for Ryman, Mark and Stephanie, where we get to the bottom of who Leonard Mumper was, and see Ryman come further off the rails.

Again, like yesterday, it was more a case of character interplay - of banter, if you will - and that usually comes to me quite quickly, as I see the characters trade lines back and forth in quick succession. I just have to keep up.

Naturally this will all get a good polishing when it comes time to do a Draft 1.2 version of Act II (just like I did with Act I recently), and I'll be able to play much more subtly with the information at hand, and with how it comes about, and finally I'll be able to weave shading and small details throughout these scenes to keep the whole plot ticking along. It's hard to do that at this stage, you've just got to get the foundation set first before you can think about really crafting something more intricate than the writing equivalent of a concrete block - it's strong, but it ain't subtle, however you've got to start somewhere.

So it's all moving along nicely.

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