Tuesday 17 May 2011

"Allen Bridge" blog #15...

The first version of Act II is now complete, so I've still got to do a re-draft of it before I move onto Act III, but as it stands the page count is now 88 - so I've got some wiggle room when it comes to re-drafting to actually add-in content, which will be nice.

Indeed today's session involved me adding in a couple of pages worth, to stuff I'd written in the last few days. There was an addition to a flashback featured in Miller's end-of-Act-II scene, but most notable of all was a series of intercut 'flashes' of back story for town teens Mark and Stephanie. These 'flashes' help break up the dialogue (of which there is a fair amount) at that point in the script, and it provides the first-of-three big moments that close-out Act II.

At this point I'll take a temporary break from writing, in order to focus on the previously mentioned educational DVD project in order to get it going and on its feet. The topic of the DVD is Abortion. It'll be three films covering the issue, and considering the topic, I think my creativity in the edit will be particularly called upon. I'm thinking of going a little bit more abstract with some of the visuals on this project.

However, once the new DVD is well underway, I'll return to the writing by doing a re-draft of Act II (just like I did with the first Act), which will allow me to head straight into Act III afterwards with an even firmer grasp on Allen Bridge. So far though, I think it's coming together quite nicely, and it's certainly the most complicated and in-depth script I've done to-date.

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