Monday 19 September 2011

"Allen Bridge" blog #24...

It's been a while since the last time I posted about this script - the 18th of July to be exact - so here we are, a couple of months later, and what's been going on with it?

Well, a couple of projects had to be worked on, a holiday was had, and some general time away from the script was also needed. However, in the intervening time I've run the script by a select few to read and provide feedback via a questionnaire and debrief discussion - that's a new tactic I've decided to employ on this script. On previous scripts I rarely showed them to others, or only on a somewhat casual basis, but this time I'm getting ultra serious about doing all I can to make this one count.

I've also found a couple more places that I can submit to (frustratingly, so many companies are either not interested in writers of my current station at all, or insist that you're well connected enough to be represented by a production company or an agent - which rather limits the opportunities for people like me) ... so rather than the BBC Writersroom alone, there are now a handful of other places to try my luck with. Indeed, the idea is to re-draft last year's Summer Road after Allen Bridge is done, dusted, and submitted - and submit that re-draft to the welcoming companies that I've recently discovered.

However that is then, and this is now, so back to the feedback situation. I've been going over the questionnaire answers, and topics of discussion, today in order to compress it all down into a comprehensive and organised list of areas that I want to tweak, clarify, and further explore. Once I have that list properly compiled, I am then going to go through the script page-by-page and jot down corresponding numbered notes along the way ... then I'll be ready to put fingers-to-keyboard on Draft 2.1 of Allen Bridge.

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