Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Get In There: Glove & Boots...

I posted about these guys at the beginning of the year (they did a series of excellent New Year's videos), but I figured I should highlight them properly as I have been gradually doing for various things elsewhere on the internet that I'm rather into. Recently, the Glove & Boots duo of Mario and Fafa have been fighting to win "best video blogger" for the Shorty Awards, in-part seeking to take down Justin Bieber's DJ. While they fought valiantly in the public portion of the Twitter vote, they didn't beat him (they came 4th and 5th in the public vote), and yet because there was judging to be done afterwards, they ultimately came out victorious - and below is their celebration video - sliding down a snowy hill in Wyoming in a portable toilet!

These guys came to my attention with a hilarious spoof of The Walking Dead:

They've also done numerous other videos which are gleefully fun, two examples of which are below:

Find more information about, and videos from, Glove & Boots at their official website here: http://www.gloveandboots.com/

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