Saturday 6 April 2013

Derle, Merle, Carl & T-Dog: The Walking Dead Bonus Memes...

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Season 3 might be over, but there's still room for new memes now and then - here's three bonus memes.

Click to Enlarge: Merle & Derle, eh?

Click each image for FULL SIZE.

Click "READ MORE" below for Carl, T-Dog, and a load of stats...

Click to Enlarge: Forgetting someone, Carl?

Click to Enlarge: L'il Governor in-the-making?

Now for some statistics and info...

One of my favourite TWD meme groups on Facebook is The Laughing Dead, who have gone from strength-to-strength and produce some hilarious memes of their own, in addition to sharing some of their favourites from around the Internet - which includes some of mine. I decided to go through and jot down how many "likes", "comments" and "shares" my memes have generated just on The Laughing Dead alone.

All Stats Calculated April 6th 2013
Memes Shared: 42
Likes: 19,956
Comments: 738
Shares: 2,114

I've also seen some of my memes appear in some places elsewhere online - in addition to various other Facebook groups, I've seen them pop up on The Walking Dead Forums, BBallMemes, Geektyrant, in an article on Search Engine Journal, and in one case posted by Norman Reedus (Daryl) on his Twitter feed. EDIT: Since writing this post he posted another one over here.

I like finding out statistics and info like this - I love to document things - it's a bit obsessive or whatever, but I fancied finding out.

Anyway, I'll no doubt put up some more TWD memes in due course during the wait for season 4 to roll around in October, but I'll probably have a little break first.

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