Tuesday 24 September 2013

YouTube Finds: September 2013 Edition...

Posting has been a bit slow this month what with finishing up a new DVD project, putting finishing touches to another screenplay, and a little game you might have heard of by the name of GTA V, so here's some videos that I've particularly enjoyed in recent weeks on YouTube.

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Edgar Wright, and Steve Jones on All Star Celebrity Bowling:


A superb zombie short film, which is also perhaps the saddest and most poignant zombie film ever made.

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Glove and Boots @ Comic-Con 2013:

I love me some Glove & Boots, and I love me some Comic-Con coverage - stick 'em together!

Glove & Boots: Out-takes #3:

Epic Movie Trailer Voice Prank:

The guy who does the voice on "Honest Trailers" walks behind random strangers and narrates their actions as if they were in a movie.

Cyanide & Happiness - Fitness Buff:

Their web cartoons are back and are as funny as ever.

Goodwill Batman:

Comedian Pete Holmes takes the web-frenzy of "Batfleck" and runs with it.

Breaking Bad Beggar:

An Improv comedy group dream up this hilarious skit about an evangelical Breaking Bad fan.

Shit People Say in LA:

'Nuff said really, just watch.

Prison Break 1995 Style:
I got obsessed with the show a couple of years ago via the wonder of DVD boxsets, but what if it was made in 1995?

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