Sunday 7 September 2014

"Sleb" is into the quarter finals!

Good news on this Sunday morning - the screenplay version of "Sleb" has reached the Quarter Finals of the Screenwriting Goldmine Awards Competition 2014! Click HERE to see the list of Quarter Finalists.

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Last year I submitted a script that I wrote a good while before the first draft of Sleb, and didn't get anywhere. It's obvious why when I look back on it now - so, with Sleb, it's nice to know that I'm learning and improving. When this year's submission window rolled around - just before I headed into writing the novelisation of Sleb (more info on that HERE) - I did another draft of the screenplay version and incorporated a few of the ideas I had dreamt up for the book.

Anyway - this might be as far as I get, and even if it is, I'm chuffed - it's a recordable achievement. It's an improvement, it's a little bit of recognition, and it's a little boost of support and confidence. As screwed up as the world of Sleb is, I love the characters who inhabit it, and even though I know the story front to back, up and down, in and out, it can still make me laugh, can still tug on a heart string or two, can still feel as preposterous, as gaudy, as bizarre, as entertaining as it did when I was mapping out the initial version of the story before even word one of draft one had been written.

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