Monday 20 October 2014

Gags & Grossness Edition: The Walking Dead 5x02 Memes...

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We're only on the second episode of season 5 and things have already taken a turn for the grisly and gross. Read on for seven brand new memes plus two bonus memes for last week's episode.

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Click to Enlarge: Daryl is not amused...

Click "READ MORE" below for many more memes from this week's episode **MAJOR EPISODE SPOILERS AHEAD**

Click to Enlarge: Real smooth, Father, silky smooth.

Click to Enlarge: Old habits...

Click to Enlarge: For all Rick's shopping needs.

Click to Enlarge: And you thought the season 2 well walker was gross...

Click to Enlarge: What a bastard...

Click to Enlarge: As soon as he's over that hill, he's gonna fuck shit up.

5x01 Bonus Memes:

Click to Enlarge: She's awesome. Nuff said.

Click to Enlarge: Less of a meme, and more of a "what's the meaning?" kinda thing.

Swing by next week for more brand new TWD memes.

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