Friday 5 December 2014

"Celebrityville" is getting there...

Planning out "Celebrityville" (my second book) is coming along very nicely indeed. Today, after a few weeks away due to another project I was working on, I finalised the layout of the story. The break was good though, as I could spread out the index cards for all the major beats of the story (something I talked about in an earlier post) and see it all with a fresh pair of eyes. I plugged a few plot holes and motivation gaps, so the events and pacing of the story is locked-in. Next up I'll be doing a rough map of each chapter (where it starts, where it ends, the basic beats of what happens when, and who says what to whom and why) ... and then it'll be time to getting my fingertips waggling.

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The index card method is a very handy one indeed, and you can oftentimes summarise an entire scene (or, in this case, chapter) in a single sentence. For example, Chapter 1's tone is summed up by a sub-note that says "like a direct-to-video version of 'Eyes Wide Shut' after a massive budget cut". You'll have to wait and see exactly what that means, but I'm aiming to get "Celebrityville" published by/in February 2015.

The short story ("The Great and The Good") which will accompany "Celebrityville" has been written. It's currently in its third draft, and will tie-in directly to one of the chapters in the main book.

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