Tuesday 17 April 2018

Jerrrrry Edition: The Walking Dead 8x16 Memes...

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So Season 8 and All Out War draws to a close. Over all the episode was satisfying, although it definitely felt too short - it needed to be one of those extended '90 minute' (63 minutes without adverts) long episodes - but considering the 'crossover' event with Fear The Walking Dead, they had to get it all bashed-out inside an hour slot. The climactic battle was surprisingly short-lived, and even though we've been at All Out War throughout the entirety of Season 8, you still needed a bit more just to finish it off in this finale.

However, it was good to see enough time being spent on the initial post-war days, which helped set up a few intriguing bits for later - conflict among allies and a gigantic mega herd of walkers in particular. There have been problems with the show in the last couple of years, but hopefully come Season 9 (with new showrunner Angela Kang) things will tighten up and feel refreshed. You can see more of my thoughts on TWD in recent times here.

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