Wednesday 3 October 2018

FWOAN Selected for Overcome FF...

The film festival announcements just keep on coming for "For Want Of A Nail", our short film about OCD. Today's news is that we've been officially selected for the Overcome Film Festival 2018.

The Overcome Film Festival especially encourages and welcomes the entries of filmmakers all over the world who wants to share their experiences in overcoming adversity or any other factor that has contributed to their growth as a person and motivated them to celebrate their existence. It is the focus of the film festival to give survivors a voice and a venue to share their life experiences and provide hope to others regardless of where they come from in the world.
Prior to this whole #FWOAN project I had not spoken at all about my experiences with OCD. Oakhill Productions' call for short scripts coincided with a time when I was recognising that my compulsive routines (which I'd also kept hidden away) were gaining more power as well as complexity. To claw some of that power back from my OCD I wrote "For Want Of A Nail" (our official website is HERE). That act was something in itself, but having my script chosen, and then to be very involved in the whole production, provided certain challenges that are hard to explain, but which I had to tackle. Dealing with your OCD isn't a simple thing, of course, and there's plenty more to wrap my head around, but FWOAN has provided challenges and opportunities that have all been for the better and I'm very proud of the final product.

Check out their Facebook page HERE and their official website HERE.

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