Monday 21 October 2019

Sleaze Fiend Magazine Issue 3.5

The latest issue of Sleaze Fiend Magazine is here! This time around it's a combination of new material (100 pages worth) and a selection of the best bits from the now sold out 1st and 2nd issues. You can pick up a copy of SFM 3.5 as well as Issue #3 by visiting Weird World Publishing's online store HERE.

New bonus material for this issue includes: “XXX Drive-In: From The First To The Last”, an examination of the curious oddity that were open air drive-in movie theatres that specialised in showing adult movies (even curiouser is that there are still two that are operational, both in Texas)! There is also a look into G&A Books, a notorious adult book store that was a fixture of the 42nd Street of old, a review of Hard Ticket To Hawaii by yours truly, and “Archie's Satanic A Go-Go”, which is an article about a bizarre sideline in Archie comics between 1972 and 1975 that featured stories filled with gore, horror, and Satanism...

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Finally, and reproduced in-full, is a real curio from many, many moons ago: “The Insider: 1974 Official Men's Guide to New York City” – running more than 60 pages, it is sort of like a Yellow Pages for sex workers, swingers and pick-up bars, as well as massage parlours and spas. Replete with inside info and reviews, personal ads and listings, it's an eye-opening glance back in time to the up-front dating scene of Manhattan some 45 years ago.

Some of the reprinted articles from the first two issues of SFM (both now out-of-print) include: “The Birth of VHS”, a tribute to Gloria Leonard, “In Search of the Three B's: Blood, Boobs, and Beast”, my examination of the Sorority House Massacre trilogy, an interview with erotica photographer Yan McLine, and more.

Also, for the month of October (2019) there is also a limited bundle offer available for Issue 3 and Issue 3.5.

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