Wednesday, 13 October 2021

FWOAN at the OCD Short Film Festival 2021 & OCD Film Fest Vol. 2...

For Want of a Nail will be appearing as part of the line up in the 2021 OCD Short Film Festival, organised by the OCD & Anxiety Center of Minnesota.
OCD and Anxiety Center of Minnesota is a mental health clinic in the Twin Cities that specializes in treating obsessive compulsive disorder using evidence based methods. Our mission is to decrease the amount of time it takes to be diagnosed with OCD and receive effective treatment, expand treatment accessibility, and spread awareness about what it means to have OCD.

We are looking for films to help fulfill this mission, as well as:
- Help others understand the depth of OCD
- Fight OCD stereotypes
- Challenge mental health stigma
- Raise awareness on the more taboo forms of OCD

FWOAN will also be showing as part of OCD Film Fest Vol. 2, put on by the International OCD Foundation.

The event will be streaming live online via the IOCDF's social media channels, including YouTube, on Friday 15th October between 8pm and 10pm (EST), which will be 1:00am Saturday 16th October for UK viewers.

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