Sunday 30 September 2007

Evil Dead Trilogy - editing experiment...

I was watching the DVD audio commentary for "Army of Darkness" a while back and Bruce Campbell wondered aloud whether it was possible to edited the three Evil Dead movies together so that they would appear as one long movie, Sam Raimi said he was sure it could be done, and as I was a bit bored of a Sunday afternoon, I decided to do this editing exercise myself.

I ended up having to film the scenes from my computer monitor, which wasn't ideal - especially for sound - but it had to be done. There were technical issues going straight from my DVD player, and I also ran into problems trying to use the actual .vob data files from the discs themselves, so I said fudge-it, and just plonked my camera in front of my monitor and filmed it that way. The audio isn't too bad, I've certainly heard worse elsewhere, but nevermind. The video is a tad cropped around the edges, but nothing major at all and it's barely noticeable/if not nigh-on-impossible to notice when casually viewing. There was one point where I'd have liked to go 2 frames in one direction, but I didn't have another 2 frames of audio to help me out, so I just said "fudge-it" again, but it's rather good - even I say so myself.

Anyway, point being, I edited the piece together this afternoon, it's on my YouTube channel (still processing when I wrote this), enjoy - because I certainly enjoyed cutting it together as a fan of the films and as a film student (okay, graduate).

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Danny Smith said...

ah the good old fudge it homebrew cuts of movies,. i did one for season 1 of jackass a few years back and added more big brother stuff in, god bless windows movie maker crapiness,lol.