Wednesday 19 September 2007

Run, Fatboy, Run!

Went to the cinema last night and checked out the new Simon Pegg film and I have to say it was great, really funny. It had the entire audience laughing in unison, and at one point all going "ewwww!" (the blister scene).

Sure, some elements of the story are a bit cut and paste or tried & true, but it's a comedy so who cares - it's a feel good flick, so who cares if you already know how it's going to end. There's really only one way for it to end, and that's positively, because if it ended on a down note - who the hell wants to see that flick?!

Also, David Schwimmer proves that he's more than "Ross off Friends". Heck, he'd already shown a different side with "Big Nothing", I mean - would "Ross off Friends" throw a dodgy-porn-purveyor into a septic tank? No - so give the man a break, he did a solid job directing Run, Fatboy, Run.

All-in-all, a solid flick, lots of fun and really up lifting. I'll give it an equally solid 4 stars out of 5.


Danny Smith said...

I really dont get why schimmer gets all this bad press, what about badn of brothers ,both him and pegg were bithcin' in that.

Nick Thomson said...

I know! Band of Brothers was awesome and so was Big Nothing, in which he did a great job. He seems like a really nice guy, I think people just like to 'player hate' because of "Friends" or something, but it's just lame, because he's a talented bloke. I'd like to see the haters do what he does. :)

Danny Smith said...

at least he didnt pull a leblanc, ergo he's still got a little portion of his soul labled "dignity",lol.