Tuesday 20 November 2007

Finally, I've recaptured that damn muse!

Although it isn't Salma Hayek dressed as a stripper (*ahem* "Dogma", for those not in the know *ahem*)...

Yep, after struggling to sit down and do some scripting, I'm finally getting back in the chair. I've returned to IAZM3, having bought up some props to use for it as well as printing off certain other paper props I'll be using throughout the film, I got all inspired and returned to the script itself.

Initially I wrote the first two drafts in Word, which is what I used to use for scripting - at the time I didn't mind, but since switching over to Final Draft (which is the dog's nutsack-dwellers by the way) I just couldn't stand to see the script in Word anymore - so I rewrote it in Final Draft and am currently tweaking it into it's 3rd draft shape. It's been two months since I last touched the script pretty much, so it's nice to get back into it.

I've also had more thoughts about my feature length comedy script that I was burning away on a while back, but have since ground to a halt on...rather annoyingly. Admittedly it was so I could write some other scripts which were far shorter - well, they were shorts after all - but of course that meant I ran out of steam on the feature length one, which does at least have a completed first act - so that's something.

Anyway, I've had several dialogue/scene ideas for that script, so I'm starting to get wound up about that script again, so perhaps I'll get bashing some keys over that soon too.

Ahhh the muse, an evasive little bitch so she is...


In the mean time, I've also checked out a couple of new movies - "Black Snake Moan", which was pretty good, kind of like a big budget exploitation movie with more heart & soul & seriousness ... and "Rescue Dawn", my first Werner Herzog film (hey, there's so many movies out there, you can't possibly get around to seeing them all straight away) ... anyway, it was somewhat grueling but it was ultimately worthwhile...despite the seemingly odd loss of certain characters towards the end that was just kinda left wide open. But, from what I've read, retains the characteristics of Herzog's filmmaking - man versus nature, struggle through adversity, obsession and fleshed out characters...no cheesy lines or prison camp cliches here. A rather good film.

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