Wednesday 21 November 2007

Get in thar, me hearties!

No, not idea why I thought that'd be a good title, still...guess who's got a letter in Total Film for the second time this year? Okay, it's me obviously...not surprise there, about as much tension as "Hostel 2", but infinitely better.

Yep, I got all inspired by Issue 135 where some chap had posted a picture of his DVD collection, and with a keen sense of "mine's bigger than yours" circling my cranium, I boshed out a picture and email to the good people at TF to boast of my '331 and counting' collection, all alphabetised and organised - and ta-da, Issue 136 in the Letters section at the front, look who has their DVD collection on display...niiice.

So now just to wait for my free DVD - "Transformers". I have seen it, but I don't own it...and it's I'm chuffed with that. Last time round I got "Severance", which I neither owned or had seen.

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