Thursday 18 September 2008

Pineapple Express...

Yep ... Apatow strikes again, and it's actually rather spiffing too. Drillbit Taylor was neutered and merely fairly decent, Forgetting Sarah Marshall was oftentimes hilarious but just missing a little something extra golden. Perhaps the Apatow flavour is beginning to pale a bit now, the dude is certainly shelling out 'produced by' credits like the British government shell out departmental reviews. Oh yeah, then there was that Zohan movie ... I have absolutely no interest in seeing that at all. Likewise Rogen has been flapping back and forth from movie to movie with gleeful abandon, and continues to leave me baffled that he's pretty much my age (perhaps a smidge older - even though he looks thoroughly thirty plus). Then again, he is a funny fucker - so Pineapple Express (obviously sans censor neutering like Drillbit Taylor - despite one UK-specific trim) is a continuation of form for Rogen (he hasn't dropped form, so there's no need for the "return to" precursor). Again it was myself and the lads off on a trip to the cinema - which, as we all live in a (semi) rural area is a good old distance away ... hence movie choices have to be informed and considered. If you're splashing out six-sodding-fifty for a ticket and a fiver in fuel (if you're senoir designated), then you want to be seeing something of quality. Fortunately, the lads and I have rarely been let down (en masse at least) and once again Pineapple Express failed to piss us off - so huzzahs all round! Who wouldn't love a stoner-action-comedy? Boring people methinks, either that or people over thirty (generally). You've got weed jokes, you've got creative swearing, you've got stoned randomness, you've got fiesty comedy-battles, classic moments to chuckle about on the drive home (death by Daewoo, for example) and James Franco NOT playing Harry Osbourne. Don't get me wrong, I really dig the Spider-Man flicks and have them all on double-disc-DVD, but I just feel Franco's having a lot more fun when he's uncut and let loose. Needless to say, as a big fan of the likes of Superbad, there'll be a pre-order for a double disc extended uncut super-duper-lots-of-other-exciting-words DVD from me post haste! All-in-all, wickedly hilarious fun. Ya-boo-sucks to the hatin' minority...go direct your ire in the general direction of 'Disaster Movie' and its ilk of putrid ass expulsions.

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