Tuesday 9 September 2008


Ritchie's returned to what made him a hit in the first place, 'Lahndahn' thugs up to no good. RocknRolla (the first in a proposed double/triple act) returns to the humour and colourful characters of Lock Stock, and Snatch - but importantly, with the sense of maturity illustrated by his last major outing Revolver, which while stylish and occasionally quite good, was generally shoved up its own arse with pseudo-intellectual, chess-related delusions of cleverness and grandeur.

RocknRolla on the other hand, is a step above Lock Stock (in terms of scale, but LS remains in place as Ritchie's best film), and a good few steps below Revolver (in terms of shoved-up-arsedness). Sure, at times it does drag its feet, but when it gets to the point it's classic (or technically, recent) Ritchie through and through.

The pounding intro displays Guy's reasserted confidence, his sights re-aimed on the correct target to make a twisty, always entertaining piece of movie making that's ideal for the lads to get together to have a sit down to (as I did with some of my mates).

Suffice to say, I'll be there when sequel The Real RocknRolla, rocks up with its cheeky bravado and ballsy swagger.

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