Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Quantum of Solace...

It's been a bit of a slow time these last few weeks for blogging, I got a bit out of the way of doing it, but I've had a sudden flood of things I've watched to pimp some thoughts on (as such, forgive any spelling or gramatical slip-ups, having just written all this blog juice I can't be arsed to proof read it, it's not like I'm paid for it ha!), so here goes, the first of five posts this evening!

Quantum of Solace...

Having recently dived back into Casino Royale (with the spiffing 3-disc deluxe DVD), I was all set up and ready to go for Quantum of Solace, a sequel with no small amount of hype surrounding it - but QoS was always going to be a bit of a let down after the super-high, concrete-punch return of Bond in Casino Royale.

Indeed, this is the case - but with CR being so damn good, it means that QoS is still a highly enjoyable Bond outing (and certainly a damn sight better than the daft silliness of Brosnan's last outing). Methinks QoS does suffer from not being directed by Martin Campbell (Goldeneye, Casino Royale) who would have probably brought more weight and balance to the second third, which is where QoS does - quite honestly - sag a bit.

That said, the third-third picks the pace back up again (and is indeed occasionally quite rough for a 12A rated flick), but it's the first third where shit really hits the fan. A blistering, gasp-inducing car chase kicks proceedings off immediately, leading on to a considerable amount of action up front - then we have the plot all come in one big lump (pretty much anyway) and this is where it decides to tread a bit of water. Had Campbell been directing, there would have no doubt been some better balancing going on around about here.

That said, Marc Forster does a solid job - but considering he's the man behind flicks such as Stranger Than Fiction and Monster's Ball, perhaps he's not best suited to this sort of film.

Daniel Craig is still absolutely rocking it as the ever-so-smooth (but not sickly so) James Bond - so hurrah that he's signed up for more. The action - when it's rocking your socks on screen - barrels the film along at a fair lick ... it's just that mid-third where it wobbles somewhat. Although I'm adamant that those expressing cries of "boring" are making a mountain out of a molehill, but nor is it a pebble in the road.

QoS is a good half hour or so shorter than Casino Royale, but Campbell's flick feels far brisker and more consistent throughout, whereas QoS erupts from the off, runs a bit out of breath, then regains its composure for a solid closing set piece (although admittedly the sinking of the house in Venice was more impressive).

Don't expect Casino Royale, but likewise don't expect the last of the Brosnan output, and do expect Craig's continued sock-rocking and all should be right in your world.

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