Thursday 13 November 2008

Taken...and the oldest profession...

I'd seen the trailer for this numerous times in the cinema recently, and I figured - might as well. Didn't know it had anything to do with Luc Besson, the trailer made it look like a guy who so wasn't the bad guy appear to be the bad guy, and it had a line in it that my mates and I ended up finding strangely funny. When he says "they're going to take you", we just found it rather amusing, I'm not sure why, but we did.

Anyway, checked it out, and while nothing amazing, it's an effective thriller - the best part though, is Liam Neeson kicking arse, taking names and generally being awesome throughout. The dude gets shit done, and he's forever got a trick up his sleeve.

In typical Luc Besson related style, there's plenty of improvisational shit-kicking to be had (as in, use your surroundings to extract seven shades from each and every baddie - in this case - Albanian traffickers).

It's interesting actually, in the last couple of days the government has revealed that it's estimates for the volume of human trafficking going on in the UK were actually way higher than the reality. It's even being suggested (by commentators) that the figures could very well have been inflated to back up government ideas to ban prostitution out-right ... this of course all reflects on Taken, which has female trafficking at the heart of the plot.

Needless to say, such activity is sick and wholly wrong - but if the government do want to see the trafficking figures they were suggesting, then by all means ban prostitution out right, because that's what will happen. Unfortunately, 'the oldest profession' will continue to happen, so why not legalise it, tax it, and most importantly - provide a safe environment for all involved, an environment that would help keep drugs, disease and pimps out of it.

That all said mind you, the idea of prostitution just gives me the shudders personally. I've been working on an educational DVD for the last few months, on the topic of Sexual Ethics. As part of that we are using stock footage of the clubs and bars of Thailand where horny Europeans go for something on the sleazy side. Ultimately, such imagery (which isn't even graphic - far from it) just depresses me, and indeed, it was a bit "blimey"-inducing to see shots of a business dealing specifically in European girls (as opposed to the local Asian populace).

In the end though, I have to return to my default position - "is it consensual?" - if so, I've no problem generally speaking, because it's not for me to impose my will on others in such topics - and indeed, in all socio-political topics, and I believe that others should follow that guideline. Legalising the oldest profession would certainly help clean up the game itself, and hopefully bring true consent to the heart of the business ... in the mean time, I'll be hanging out over here chilling with some videogames.

Swinging right back to the topic of Taken however, can you do without seeing Liam Neeson kick plentiful arse? Quite frankly, the answer to that question should be a firm no, no you can't do without seeing Liam Neeson pummel seven bells out of grubby traffickers.

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