Sunday 14 December 2008

Righteous Kill...(musing catch up part one)

Hey, here's a great idea, get two acting greats who've not really flexed their muscles in a while, who once shared screen time only once before in a fantastic film, and put them together again in a really average, mediocre one!

Aye, the flick's not much cop. "Meh" could quite easily sum it up actually. You see the 'twist' coming a mile away, and the in-between either makes not a lot of sense, or is so incapable of gripping you, you have to wonder what the point of it all was.

And what's more - in this day and age of good quality, low price camera gear - why is it that every time you see a videotape, or a security camera feed in a movie, the picture is always awful ... but awful in a really precise, controlled, pre-figured way. It does my head in, it's as bad as all that fake camera glitching you find so often in first-person-view films (of which there were many in 2008).

See, that's how "meh" it all was, I've ended up talking about a small issue that gets right on my tits, instead of the movie in question ... you're certainly not missing anything.

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