Wednesday 31 December 2008

The last post of 2008...

Well here we are, New Years Eve once again...just as I had gotten used to 2008, it's now time for 2009, bloody nora.

Anyway, rather than do some 'year in review', which is ever such a popular thing at this time of year, I'll just ramble on about what's been happening since I last posted.

Well - the new computer arrived, however there is one problem with it, which I believe is to do with RAM configuration - will get that sorted soon. Apart from that issue, it's fair rockin' I have to say.

Got some nice prezzies for Xmas and have read two of the four books that were under the tree for me (amongst other presents) ... although they weren't the heaviest of tomes, but they were bloody funny - The Big Book of Top Gear 2009, and Mock The Week: Scenes We'd Like To See, both rather funny.

Speaking of funny, I started on Volume 3 of Jeremy Clarkson's world-weary rants dubbed For Crying Out Loud ... also funny, WALL.E on DVD - a great film. Dead Set on DVD was also rather welcome, same goes for the great Gears of War 2, which I'm currently at the end of Act Three on.

Speaking of Act Three - I finished the first pass of Act Three of The End last night. Well, the first half has already been polished up a bit, so really there's just the second half of Act Three to be polished and then it's done! Currently it's 130 pages, but I suspect it might lengthen as I'm thinking about adding in some more dialogue in one of the scenes.

But yeah - that's all coming along nicely, and I'm already starting to think a bit more about my horror script idea that I want to get writing, and having seen the excellent new Brit-horror flick Mum & Dad (which lingered in my mind afterwards, it was quite disturbing at times) I've been inspired to get cracking with said horror script of mine, which I originally planned to write before I wound up doing my zombie epic called The End instead.

I think I mentioned previously that I was planning on being inspired by Mum & Dad, which sounds odd, but it was because I knew from the trailer and reading about it, that it'd be right up my horror movie street - next up I'll check out the DVD extra features, and the idea is to send the companies/groups/people involved in that film, a treatment for this new horror script I'm going to be writing - considering its aim is trained on a low budget, such as that of Mum & Dad, it might be a good opportunity to get that script seen by someone - which is, of course, the point in my zombie epic script - which is obviously targetted at a higher level of budget (well, comparatively much higher actually) - but when you've got the time available to write, why not write and get some ideas fully written out and in your own creative bank?

Anyway, coming up soon is the start of a new educational DVD project - on the topic of the environment, but don't worry, I'm not becoming some eco-mentalist ... even though I am not at all fond of waste (be it food or packaging or fuel or whatever).

Okay I'll shaddup now, I've rambled on long enough and I've got the 2-disc unrated DVD of Pineapple Express sat right in front of me - aye, the R1 disc a whole week early - and two weeks before the R2 release, woohoo!

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