Monday, 5 January 2009

Yes Man...

Danny Wallace ... us Brits know him as "the guy off the telly who does weird-idea docu-tainment shows". The Americans probably have no idea who he is whatsoever, so they'll miss the cameo in a bar scene by the writer himself, whose book about him saying "YES!" to everything for a year (if I'm not mistaken) was used as a basis for this Jim Carrey vehicle.

I went to see it between Xmas and New Year, and while not a master stroke of comedy, it ticks all the right boxes for a solid chunk of entertainment. While yes, Carrey does the serious stuff well, we do rather like seeing him flap around like a clown (have you seen Ace Ventura lately? Damn that stuff's still gold).

No doubt the film is only loosely based on the original book, but it marches along with a sure stride and makes you chuckle - so aye, it's definitely worth seeing.

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