Thursday, 1 January 2009

The first post of 2009...

Bloody heck, it's 2009 already!

Well, I'd said to myself a couple of weeks ago that I'd get my zombie epic script done before the end of the year, and hazah! I did!

And it actually still weighed in at 130 pages, in fact I ended up slimming the dialogue I'd considered extending ... well, maybe I added a bit and removed a bit, so overall it stayed the exact same length.

So between November 23rd and December 31st 2008 I hammered out my 130 page zombie epic, the most in-depth and character-filled script I've ever written. Heck, I spent a month of spare time just mapping it out, planning the world in which it takes place and so on.

Next up, I'm quite looking forward to getting into this low budget horror feature script I've got in mind, still inspired by Mum & Dad, which I got on DVD t'other day...or technically, last year!

Well here we are, at the door of 2009, wiping our feet on the doormat and ready to stride into its warm embrace...well, as warm as a year can be, which will be generally mild when all is weighed out.

One thing's for sure, it's not going to be anywhere near as rosy as the stupidly optimistic (read "delusional spin doctoring and lying") government keeps saying (while all economists and foreign governments ... and just anyone with even a half-engaged brain ... say "pfft, yeah right, you absolute morons").


Well, 2008 was an improved year over 2007 for me career wise, so hopefully 2009 will continue that forward momentum and get much better ... it's a slow old road to traverse, but hopefully it'll all pay off in the end.

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