Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sex Drive...

I figured this would be good for a laugh with my mates when I saw the trailer, but wasn't expecting much from it - and while it's not got that little extra something which the likes of American Pie exhibited - Sex Drive is actually pretty good, and it certainly entertains, achieving what it sets out to do.

This is the sort of movie where our geeky-ish lead gets into all manner of embarrassing situations involving jizzy pants, flung johnnies, and big black dildos secretly attached to his giant donut work costume ... Citizen Kane it most definitely isn't - it's mainly gross-out, low-brow yuck-yucks, and it does that well.

Not the best in show, so-to-speak, but far more convincing than other movies in its territory.

Were "teh lulz" had? Yes. It's not the dawn of a new era, and it's not a pile of garbage either - plenty of juicy low-brow moments throughout makes it ideal fodder for a bunch of mates in search of a good old chuckle to distract them from the pressures of modern life.

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