Tuesday 10 February 2009

An update on what's going on with me...

I figured I'd pimp some info in an updatey fashion ... so what's been going on of late?

Well, there's been a lot of script-related goings on - I was re-drafting a short I wrote called Leak, which I intended to submit to a production company that was looking for short scripts, but they provided piss-all information about what they were after (or any boundaries in which you had to work), so I emailed to ask - and I've had fuck all chat back. So that's back in the drawer then...

Also, I've been brainstorming slowly for a horror script that I've talked about a bit in the recent past, it's called From The Inside Out, and I'm just getting my head around it at the moment - then I'll get into writing it.

I'm also helping out at the moment on a script by someone local who is looking to make a short film out of it - it's a black comedy, and should make a nice short film methinks - so that's a project that will develop in the next few months, and of course, more info on that as-and-when.

Then there's a new educational DVD afoot - this time about the environment - in addition to some script consultation-ing at the moment, I've been knee deep in digging out public domain footage to use - similar to how we used such footage with the Sexual Ethics DVD. This project will continue to grow over the next few months, but right now we're just at the relative beginning of it all - so again, more info as-and-when.

Speaking of Sexual Ethics - the official name is Sex & Ethics, and if you gander over to your right, you'll find a link to Ethics Online - that's the official website for the DVD, and it features four video clips - and information (if you're someone in the education field) on how to purchase a copy.

Otherwise it's business as usual so-to-speak ... it's all about looking to make each year bigger, better and more successful than the year before it.

So fingers crossed for 2009.

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