Wednesday, 24 June 2009

"Suckle at the Teat of Evil"...

So this week's SModcast (#89) brought the View Askew "SMart" thread (as found here: to my attention, and after been so entertained by Bryan Johnson & Kevin Smith's gleefully twisted (and detailed) chit-chat about a '1980s horror style' version of Smith as a monstrously obese, constantly stoned cannibal who uses Johnson as his butler of sorts, (and whom lures ladies of the night into monster-Kev's lair) in SModcast #85 ("Side Chair") has had me constantly chuckling.

So as a result, I decided to get my sketchpad out and do my first drawing in nearly two years - my creative output just gets focussed on the filmmaking these days, so I very rarely do any drawing these days, but I got all hot & bothered to do a little sketch and share it on the SMart thread on the View Askew website.

Anyway, you can view my sketch here:
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Full size version here:
(Click the image to size it up to its fullest).

I plan to flesh it out further in due course, and when I do I'll pimp up a blogpost about it.

Anyway, enjoy a twisted semi-rough sketch from me, inspired by a wonderfully freaky bit of SModcast chat between Kevin Smith and Bryan Johnson!

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