Friday 3 July 2009

Why the post shortage?

I'm recovering from a hernia operation, put simply. I'll have to blog some thoughts about Transformers 2 when I'm better thought (but, simply put, the first was better, this new one was structurally all over the place, but enjoyable enough ... the first was still better though). I've been watching DVDs constantly since getting back from the hospital though - today is now day 9 of being 95% bed ridden ... the novelty is wearing massively thin now, and I'd dearly love to be able to properly look after myself again. The weather has been stupidly humid, so that's made the past several days misery for me, when you add that crappy weather making all sticky and sweaty and such on top of being in a constant stage of some kind of pain due to your operation, which has left you with a rather gross-looking incision that's all bruised and scabby ... lovely. Anyway, I've gotta go have another "whore's bath" (another down side of recovering from an operation, you can't have a proper wash), and then I'll watch Ghostbusters 2 on DVD (watched the first flick this morning - because there's fuck all on Freeview on the few channels I can actually receive ... UHF 57 and 60, if memory serves, have decided to just stop working ... bastards!).

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