Friday 30 July 2010

"Deadlands 2: Trapped" coming to Blu-Ray...

And here's the extra features list:

• Audio commentary by Ugarek

• “Weapons and Tactics” featurette

• “Indie Film School” featurette

• Introduction by star Jim Krut

• Introduction by Helena, Hussy of Horror

• Soundtrack excerpts

• Trailers

The Blu-ray will include all these, plus:

I AM ZOMBIE MAN short film series with intro by UK filmmaker Nick Thomson

• DEADLANDS: THE RISING work print with alternate ending

• Additional exclusive trailers


Yes indeedy, kick arse! Gary has always been very helpful to, and supportive of, properly-indie filmmakers, and has been a fan of the I Am Zombie Man shorts since the first one in 2006. Two thumbs up to Gary!

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