Wednesday, 21 July 2010

"Signing Off" - GoDigital's false claim...

I was just organising my YouTube account, putting some playlists together, and I noticed there was a "copyright infringement claim" or somethingeruther on one of my videos - "Signing Off" ( - from some crowd called GoDigital who I'd never even heard of until just now.

After a quick search I discovered that this lot apparently use an automated system in partnership with YouTube, which naturally results in myriad false claims on videos. Clearly the music in my short film - created by Brian Wright - must sound a bit like something in their catalogue according to the 'ears' of the automated system.

Naturally I've disputed this obvious false claim (the two pieces of music were made for me, and this film, by Brian Wright who has made music for some of my other short films, and are for my use - GoDigital wouldn't even possess the original audio files anyway, which don't feature on-location audio (bird song, breeze in the trees, footsteps, gasps etc) for those two tracks - whereas I actually do possess the original audio files), so I'll see what comes of it.

At the moment the audio remains on the video itself, and hopefully it'll remain as such, and then hopefully the false claim will be confirmed to be just that - false, as a result of the automated system.

I've edited the info section on the "Signing Off" page to reflect this issue, and thought I'd make a blog post about it as well, just to hammer the point home.

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