Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Deadlands 2 - limited edition Blu-Ray...


Make your way over yonder if you want to snap up one of the remaining Blu-Rays for Deadlands 2: Trapped. It's a limited release done by the director, Gary Ugarek, himself.

The special features are as follows:

Region Free Blu-Ray (BD-r) and Region Free DVD-r (2 Disc Set)
1. Extended and Unrated Version of Deadlands 2: Trapped with over 2 minutes of additional never before seen footage
2. 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio
3. Director's Commentary
4. Introduction by film star Jim Krut
5. Introduction by Helena, Hussy of Horror
6. Composing Deadlands Featurette (10 Mins)
7. Weapons and Tactics Featurette (20 Minutes)
8. I am Zombie Man Short film Series - Includes I am Zombie Man 1, 2, & 3 w/ intro by UK writer/director Nick Thomson (35 Minutes)
9. Deadlands: The Rising - Work Print w/ Alternate and original ending (73 Minutes)
10. Trailers (4 Deadlands 2: Trapped trailers, 1 Deadlands: The Rising Trailer) (12 Minutes)
11. DEADLANDS: The Rising DVD-r (A DVD-R of the ORIGINAL and NOW out of print DVD release for Deadlands 1, now you get both versions of Deadlands 1)
Since each disc is manufactured, and printed by the director himself quantities of this 2 DISC SET will be limited.FUTURE RELEASE OF DEADLANDS 2 BLU-RAY will have different special features, so this is a COLLECTOR'S ITEM
Price: $29.99

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