Monday 22 November 2010

General updates...

Been having some meetings of late - trying to get some contacts to try and move a project or two forward from the idea stage. There's two ideas - a feature length live action ensemble comedy done in a grass roots style purely here in Herefordshire, and the other is a motion comic short (around 15 minutes long in my mind) based on a script I did a while back.

Script wise, Summer Road is still in at the BBC Writersroom, and I've returned to working on Allen Bridge. I guess after finishing the former I was a bit drained creatively speaking, and despite the odd flourish of ideas here or there on the odd days, it has been a bit dry in the old noggin - however I'm looking to dive back into the creative juices now that my brain has had a bit of time to decompress from one big script before I get really going on the next big script - which is still Allen Bridge, my drama/thriller/mystery with a touch of something else to it.

Sometimes things just tick along in the back of your mind for a few weeks in between main projects. It's always the way between drafts of a script - you need two or three weeks to leave it alone and decompress your mind about it before you can get going again, so it's kind of like that, but a bit bigger and a bit longer.

Point being though, I'm getting the creative juices flowing again. I'm really looking forward to figuring out Allen Bridge, which is - at the moment - kind of half-figured in my mind. It's definitely a far more complex and involved script, and just the very nature of writing a mystery (or part mystery) brings its own set of challenges - but ones I'm looking forward to tackling.

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