Thursday 20 March 2014

Racket & Writing...

Good news! "The Racket" has received two nominations from the St. Tropez International Film Festival!

Best Director of a Documentary & Best Producer of a Documentary Film.

Follow this LINK to visit their website and see the 2014 nominations list.

Click "READ MORE" below for an update on the novelisation of "Sleb"...

The writing of my first novel continues apace. Current word count is over 22,000 and climbing. Still hitting my targets, still enjoying the process. However, I did find that a couple of days away from the story - not writing a single word - proved to be a good idea.

After those couple of days away from it to think about other things, I dived back in and had a really good blitz at the keyboard. So it's important to keep the momentum going, but it's also important to do 'blocks' of writing with a day or two off in-between those blocks. It might not seem like a lot, or sound kind of silly, but it's surprising how refreshed you feel and how eager your fingers are to get typing again.

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