Monday 31 March 2014

Rippin' Throats Edition: The Walking Dead 4x16 Memes...

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Well there we have it - season four has come to an end! We've got several months to wait until season 5 rolls around, so in the mean time here's 7 brand new TWD memes.

Click each image for FULL SIZE.

Click to Enlarge: Now what the hell are we supposed to do?!

Click "READ MORE" below for SIX more memes **WARNING: EPISODE SPOILERS AHEAD**...

Click to Enlarge: That's the spirit, Rick!

Click to Enlarge: Poor old Rick...

Click to Enlarge: Judith's coming, bitches!

Click to Enlarge: Arrrrgggghhhhh!!!

Click to Enlarge: Said the whole bloody world...

Click to Enlarge: Who needs guns when you've got Lego?

More TWD related content when the inevitable extended trailer for Season 5 is released at Comic-Con later this year.

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